yt.JPG (37757 bytes)            "I was just doing my job, man," she says. "This Enki dude wanted to get a message to Hiro, and I delivered it."

               "Shut up," Rife says. He doesn't say it like he's pissed. He just wants her to be quiet. Because what she did doesn't make any difference now that all those wireheads have piled on top of Hiro.

            Y.T. looks out the window. They are buzzing across the Pacific, keeping pretty low down so that the water skims quickly beneath them. She doesn't know how fast they're going, but it looks to be pretty damn fast... After a few minutes, another chopper caches up with them and begins flying alongside, pretty close, in formation...heli.JPG (38123 bytes)

            Through the cabin window, she can see Raven sitting in one of the seats. At first she thinks he's still unconscious because he's kind of hunched over, not moving. Then he lifts his head and she sees that he's goggled in to the Metaverse. He reaches up with one hand and pulls the goggles up onto his forehead...Their eyes meet and her heart starts flopping around weakly, like a bunny in a Ziploc bag. He grins and waves. Y.T. sits back in her seat and pulls the shade down over the window."

            As Y.T. dozes on the chopper, Hiro and his buddy Juanita have somehow managed to jam the signal from Rife's com net, necessitiating an emergency landing to look for, of all things, a pay phone.

            "The chopper sets down in the parking lot of a Buy 'n' Fly. Fortunately, the lot's mostly empty, they don't cut any heads off. A couple of youths are playing video games inside, and they barely look up at the astonishing sight of the chopper. She's glad; Y.T. is totally embarassed to be seen with this dull assortment of old farts."

            While Rife makes his call, Y.T. makes another break for freedom. She breaks free from the chopper's goons, but an eight foot chain link fence is too great an obstacle to overcome before Rife peels her off and starts hauling her back to the chopper.

            "Someone's in the parking lot. A Kourier, cruising in off the highway, just kind of chilling out and taking it real easy.

            "Hey!" She screams. She reaches up and punches the lapel switch on her coverall, turning it bright blue and orange. "Hey! I'm a Kourier! My name's Y.T.! These maniac scum guys kidnapped me!"

            "Wow," the Kourier says. "What a drag." Then he asks her something. But she can't hear it because the helicopter is whirling up its blades.

            "They're taking me to LAX!" She screams at the top of her lungs. Then Rife slams her into the chopper face first. The chopper lifts off, tracked precisely by an audience of antennas on the roof of Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong.

            In the parking lot, the Kourier watches the chopper taking off. It's really cool to watch, and it has a lot of bumping guns on it. But those dude were harshing that chick major. The Kourier pulls his personal phone out of its holster, jacks into RadiKS Central Command, and punches a big red button. He calls a Code.

            Fido wakes up at last.

            Soon, poon after poon is smacking into the Soviet steel belly of Rife's chopper. Kouriers to the rescue! Y.T. should be free in no time, as long as the chopper keeps flying low enough to poon - which they have to, to keep the chopper under the Mafia's radar. With the Kouriers' rescue well in hand, Y.T. can sit back and wait for the chopper's downfall, or she can try to help move the process along.


If you just wait and let the Kouriers do the work, go ahead and take some leisure time for yourself.

Or, maybe the agressive route better suits your style, you action hero, you.

Did we mention Fido is awake?