raven.JPG (84276 bytes)            Psychopath or not, Raven is still her boyfriend, and she feels she owes him an explanation for the dentata incident. So, for now, she allows herself to be reeled in by the Aleut. Before she has a chance to manouver her avatar to acrobatically twist onto the back of the meta-motorbike, Raven grabs the meta-poon and rips it free from the spoiler.

            Then he takes up a bit more slack and whips her (still holding on) up into the air, where she manages a forward somersault before landing with a thud squarely behind her main squeeze. All this while the avatars are travelling at roughly eight hundred miles per hour.

            "Baby, you got some serious explaining to do," Raven yells from the handlebars.

            "I can explain everything," she says, wondering what her avatar would look like blushing stupidly, "it was an accident."

            "I want to believe you," Raven answers, "but suddenly I'm really struggling with issues of intimacy. How can I trust you?"

            Visible on the horizon, and getting steadily closer, is some sort of ragged black and white building, isolated against the barren Street background.

            "A lady needs to protect herself in this world. That was just my last line of defense, and in the heat of the moment I forgot to take it out. Or, maybe I did remove it and you just weren't up to the performance, big guy."

            "As much as I would love to engage in more puerile banter," Raven says, "we are about to reach our destination. This is my own private office, the one place I know I can go and be left alone. I wanted you to see it."

            "How sweet," Y.T. says, meaning the words far more than she thought she would. Aesthetically, the place leaves a lot to be desired. It is fuzzy and run-down, clearly a poor program, and it doesn't even look like it has been used in the last few decades.

            "No offense," Y.T. says as she surveys the exterior, "but why would you take a girl to a place like this?"


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Hmmm, I wonder what Hiro is up to?

Maybe I should have jacked out to avoid Raven, after all.