heli.JPG (38123 bytes)            As Y.T. is walking toward the helicopter, one of the men standing by it detaches himself from the group and walks toward her. He's big, with a body like a fifty-fived gallon drum, and a mustache that turns up at the corners. And as he comes toward her he is laughing in a satisfied way, which pisses her off.

            "Well, don't you look like a forlorn lil' thang!" he says. "Shit, honey, you look like a drowned rat that got dried out again."

            "Thanks," she says. "You look like chisled Spam."

            "You know who I am?" he asks.

            "Yeah, I know. You know who I am?"

            "Y.T. A fifteen year-old Kourier." "And personal buddy of Uncle Enzo," she says, whipping off the string of dog tags and tossing them...He holds them up and reads them.

            "Well, well," he says, "this is quite a little momento." He throws them back at her. "I know you're buddies with Uncle Enzo. Otherwise I just woulda dunked you instead of bringing you here to my spread. And I frankly don't give a shit," he says, "because by the time this day is through, either Uncle Enzo will be out of a job, or else I'll be, as you said, chisled Spam. But I figure that the Big Wop will be a lot less likely to throw a Stinger through the turbine of my chopper there if he knows his little chiquita is on board..."

            "You coming?" he says. She looks at the chopper. A ticket off the Raft.

            "Can I leave a note for Raven?"

            "Far as Raven is concerned, I think you already made your point - haw haw haw. Come on, girl, we're wasting jet fuel over there - that ain't good for the environment."

            She follows him to the chopper, climbs on board. It's warm and light inside here, with nice seats. Like coming in off a hard February day of thrashing the grittier highways and settling into a padded easy chair.

            With things so nice and cozy on the chopper, it would be understandable for Y.T. to take it easy for a little while. On the other hand, when Hiro appears on the deck as the chopper pulls away, she feels responsible because she knows he will not shoot it down with her aboard. Agressive action could harm her, but Hiro needs help.



To take the agressive route and help Hiro, make a play to try and escape from the chopper.

If you would rather make sure you live to fight another day, lie back in your cushy seat and relax for a spell.

Hmmm, I wonder what Y.T.'s old dog Fido is up to?