Was it three shots of whiskey, or six? Either way, the alcohol is seriously affecting Hiro's perception and judgement as he stumbles onto the deck of the houseboat and finds what appears to be a web of flames in front of him.

            Several of the ropes holding Tranny's neighborhood together - sprinkled with gasoline from the family fueling station - have caught fire and are starting to snap. Hundreds of Filipinos are running every which way at once. Some are trying to cut loose the parts that cannot be salvaged.

            Unfortunately for Hiro, he is on one of these parts. Drawing his katana (for balance if not for combat), Hiro stumbles toward the edge of the pontoon. He is rapidly running out of time. The pontoon snaps free with a "twang" just as another meteorite lands in the Pacific twenty feet to Hiro's left. The shockwave causes the egde of the pontoon to rise several feet out of the water, and Hiro's equilibrium does not compensate.

            As he falls to the deck he notcies two things: first, that the pontoon is now swamped over with water and will sink within two minutes; and second, that a web of sizzling cables is falling on top of him, plastering him to the pontoon and sealing his fate.

            Hiro's last thoughts are of Juanita as he loses consciousness on the pontoon; he drifts back to their undergrad days at Berkeley, before their work at Black Sun Systems, Inc. changed their fates forever...

death.JPG (75508 bytes)You, my friend, have crashed.


Start Over

Maybe staying for the party wasn't such a great idea after all.

What does this have to do with Haraway?