wine.JPG (17791 bytes)            Raven, Schmaven, a party's a party! There will be plenty of time for battle in a little while. In the meantime, why not relax? This neighborhood knows how to have a good time, too.

            After a hearty buffet (seafood of course, but the Lumpia are exquisite), the festive mood soon turns musical. Well-known in avatar circles as something of a performer, Hiro does himself proud with a heartfelt karaoke version of the popular Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns tune "Control Rod Jam." Even Tranny's mother is misty-eyed.

            While basking in the glow of his performance, however, he hears a "screeching, tearing noise riding in high and sharp above the rumbling noise of heavy impact. Then there is just the screaming of terrified neighborhood children, the cries of men in Taglog (Tranny's native tongue), and the groaning and popping sound of a steel fishing trawler collapsing under the pressure of the sea."

            It's a meteorite from a Gatling gun, and Hiro is caught in the middle! He has just enough time to get to the zodiac to retrieve his Reason. And he is definitely feeling those shots of whiskey.


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