yt.JPG (37757 bytes)            "It's all in the eyes," Y.T. explains, as she walks confidently through the containership, knowing no one will mess with "Raven's girl." Act like you belong and don't look anyone in the eyes, and you won't attract suspicion.

            Y.T. is looking for a terminal so that she can jack-in to the Metaverse and try to link up with Hiro. She has left her bad-ass beau in a deep slumber, the victim of a dentata, or "a small hypodermic needle (which) slipped imperceptibly into the engorged frontal vein of his penis, automatically shooting a cocktail of powerful narcotics and depressants into his blooodtsream." Raven should be knocked out for about four hours, but with a man his size you never can tell. And when he wakes, Y.T. knows, "boy, is he ever going to be pissed." 

            Now, her black and white avatar is awaiting Hiro's exit from Ng Securities on the Street. When she finally sees him, he's being attacked by a gatling gun on the Raft, so he is not much of a conversationalist. Instead, he asks that she take both his avatar and his meta-motorcycle over to his office and wait for him there. All that waiting just to do an errand?


If you're willing to help out Hiro yet again, hop on the motorcyle and have fun.

If you would rather have Hiro make his own way, gatling gun or not, grab that abandoned plank over there in the corner and take off on an adventure of your own.

And of course, the quintessential cyborg Fido is always there for you.