Tranny helps Hiro manouever the zodiac through the tangled spiderwebs that pass for neighborhoods on the outskirts of the Raft. The spiderweb is a type of "beltway" that runs along the the perimeter, with side alleys and streets spinning off into even more clustered areas.

            "The worst thing that can happen is for your neighborhood to get cut loose. That's why the Raft is such a tangled mess. Each neighborhood is afraid that the neighboring 'hoods are going to gang up on them, cut them loose, leave them to starve in the middle of the Pacific. So they are constantly finding new ways to tie themselves into each other, running cables over, under, and around their neighbors, tying into more far-flung 'hoods, or preferably into one of the Core ships. "

            Despite the obvious confusion, Tranny guides the zodiac effortlessly through the armed 'hoods until they arrive at a pair of houseboats strung together that Tranny calls "home." With Tranny's family likely fearing him dead, he gets a hero's welcome indeed, as eight hundred and ninety-six Filipinos (Hiro's estimate) come out of the woodwork to join the festivities. It looks like a great party, and Hiro is eagerly invited to join in.


If a party sounds more appealing than a date with Raven, go on inside!

If, however, your ideal date is the librarian at the CIC, find a secluded area and use REASON to jack-in to your office.

If you are already ready for a switch in perspective, you can see the world through Y.T.'s eyes.

Always an option, you can check in on "Rat Thing" B-782 (a.k.a. Fido) at any time.