enzo.JPG (39985 bytes)            Uncle Enzo has suddenly gone from being the commander of several men at LAX to being alone on the runway, hunted by Raven. Preparing for battle though he knows not yet with whom, Enzo has removed his shoes and socks and turned his slacks into shorts, in an effort to move with the least amount of noise possible...

            "He doesn't even know what he's up against, and he needs to know that...He sees a pair of legs moving on the opposite side of a jet's fuselage. Uncle Enzo is near the tip of the jet's wing. He puts both hands on it, shoves down with all his weight, and then lets it go. raven.JPG (84276 bytes)

            "It works: the jet rocks toward him on its suspension. The assassin thinks that Uncle Enzo has just jumped up onto the wingtip, so he climbs up onto the opposite wing and waits with his back to the fuselage, waiting to ambush Enzo when he climbs over the top.

            "But Enzo is still on the ground. He runs toward the fuselage on silent, bare feet, ducks beneath it, and comes up from underneath with his staright razor in one hand...But Raven is already getting suspicious; he stands up to look over the top of the fuselage, and that puts his throat out of reach. Enzo's looking at his legs instead...so Enzo reaches in, even as Raven is looking down at him, and severs Raven's left Achilles tendon.

            "As he's turning away to protect himself, something hits him very hard in the chest. Uncle Enzo looks down and is astonished to see a transparent object protruding from the right side of his rib cage. Then he looks up to see Raven's face three inches from his..."

            The battle rages on, with both men severly hurt with multiple wounds. Enzo takes a knife to the thigh and a spear in the back; Raven absorbs a slice to the shoulder. Then, as Rife's chopper touches down a few dozen meters away, Enzo gets woozy, and "has no idea where he is until he slams full-length into the pavement. The pavement beneath him is slippery and warm, and Uncle Enzo realizes that he is losing a great deal of blood."

            Raven is coming in for the kill, armed with yet another glass knife, and Enzo can not even stand to defend himself. With no other options left, Enzo crawls (while Raven hops on one leg in pursuit) toward the brand new RadiKS skateboard he has brought for Y.T.

            Clawing his way onto the board and fighting to remain conscious as Raven makes his move, Uncle Enzo "punches the button on the skateboard labeled 'RadiKS Narrow Cone Tuned Shock Wave Projector.

            "The concussion nearly blows his head off. Uncle Enzo, if he survives, will never hear well again. But it does wake him up a little bit. He lifts his head off the board to see Raven standing there stunned, empty-handed, a thousand tiny splinters of broken glass raining down out of his jacket.

            "Uncle Enzo rolls over on his back and waves his straight razor in the air. "I prefer steel myself," he says. "Would you like a shave?"

            Raven comes closer but does not appear to be in the mood for personal grooming tips, and Enzo's back-hand thrust from his back comes up woefully short of its intended target. Raven lets the hand go by in front of him, then grabs Enzo's wrist and neatly snaps it backward; Enzo groans and drifts back down the road to unconsciousness while dropping the razor. Raven picks it up.

            "You pathetic little man," Raven says as he leers over him with the razor. "You want to see what an Aleut shave is like? I'm gonna carve you into bite-sized chunks and feed you to the dogs and rats on the streets."

            Speaking of dogs and rats, at that very moment just a hundred meters down the runway Fido leaps into the left tailpipe of Rife's engine at full speed and the plane explodes ten feet off the ground in every direction. The shockwave of this blast sends both Raven and Enzo back a half-dozen feet.

            By the time Raven hops back over to Enzo, there is nothing left to kill. Enzo is dead. Raven stands over Enzo for a moment lost in thought, and he does not hear the sharp "crack!" of a report just behind him.

            Thus, when the back of his head opens up and blood splatters in every direction, he simply crumbles to the ground. Three federal agents, led by Y.T.'s mom (with the smoking twelve-gauge) move in and secure the area. Y.T. stands back, arms crossed tighty around herself. She never wanted to see it end this way, but knows somehow that it has to. Still, no one should ever have to lose a father and a lover on the same day.