Haraway and Baudrillard — Science Fiction Theorists

Patrick Nagle, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

Donna Haraway and Jean Baudrillard have been called sci-fi theorists, and, as Ivan Csicsery-Ronay points out, they both share certain views of science and society:

They both begin with the axiom that science is a practice within the field of representations, not the explication of extradiscursive phenomena; they both hold that the development of communications-technologies and the culture surrounding them has transformed every conceivable aspect of human and terrestrial life into an aspect of a cybernetic control model; and they both deal with the all-assimilating/all-eroding power of the information-paradigm with radical irony — specifically the irony of SF. (Csicsery-Ronay)


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Last modified 18 December 2006