If the city were, one day, to lose its "swarming mass" of inhabitants, it would simultaneously lose its worth as a city, for it is the swarming mass which shapes the city.  Creating intertwined paths and weaving places, "the pedestrian movements form one of those "real systems whose existence in fact makes up the city"." If I walk down the street being reminded of certain incidents in my life, then that is the way that the street will exist not just for me, but also within the context of the entire city.  

    My house in London is named my house it is not 20 Alexander Square to me.  As I regard it from the outside, I am able to visualize the space beyond the walls --  
    to others, the walls just appear as brick walls, and the space within -- if it even exists at all -- is incidental. 

    Quotations are taken from de Certeau, Walking in the City,  
            The Practice of Everyday Life, 1984  
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