Blade Runner
Los Angeles: 2019
"You experience vertigo as a spinner car spirals down onto the roof of police headquarters, the minute lights of traffic moving in the streets 700 stories below. You see the city in infinitely rich detail as Deckard experiences it: the endless city lights extending beyond the pyramids, congested elevated highways in the distance, the constant background of air traffic controller instructions, and the car video screens misaligned from constant abuse. You hold your breath high above the street and hang with Deckard by wet, slipping fingers until your strength is drained. 

Streets swarm with a bizarre mass of humanity and trash that accumulates faster than it can be removed. Strange faces, incomprehensible signs, and queer sounds help create a mixture of the foreign and the familiar. You feel alive in a future you can actually touch and feel -- a frightening and exciting place filled with beauty, wonder, decay and violence."  

[Film Critic, William M. Kolb]
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