The city has stood as a symbol of our modernity for many years now. Skyscrapers of concrete, iron, steel and glass serve to demonstrate our power and control over the earth: demonstrations of our mastery of the planet. (That is to say, our supposed mastery of the planet). The city is the hub and source of modern human existence as we know it today. It points towards the future, giving us direction and meaning. It is the heart of the modern-day world. 

This project examines the city as an embodiment of modern culture. It considers the importance of the city in the past and examines some of our projections for what the city shall become in the future. It looks at our perspectives towards the city through films (both past and present), Sci-Fi literature, and theories of the city as presented by Benjamin, Baudrillard and de Certeau. It considers the structure of the city and how that shall hold in the future as a basis for life in cyberspace (or the future medium of life, whatever that shall turn out to be).

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