Day 3

i'm going insane...


hey, don't get me wrong. i absolutely hate the rock. now why do i keep on going back for more? i'm really not sure. maybe it is some sort of weird addiction, but the truth is i get more work done there than i ever would in my room. i'm listening to a song called "alien" by bush. here are the lyrics. can you tell by now that i am a huge lyric freak. anyway,


well the satellite comes and goes
we give each other all we know
in silence we still talk
by the light of the stereo waltz
and will you rain down
in your cinematic love truck
i want to hold you like nothing's
going to stop us
she come to take me away
its all that i needed
i don't breathe another lover
flicker on a TV screen
everything's more than it seems
the mighty backward fall
stare at the lights on the wall
i swear to this
she felt like velvet
second blond child she meant it
she come to take me away
its all that i needed
i don't breathe another lover
i'm an alien
you're an alien
it's a beautiful rain,
beautiful rain
beautiful rain

well, there it is. as my brother would say "that song kicks major ass." there is no chance of me sleeping tonight. like i said, if you are not to busy, maybe we could get together tomorrow night. i have been in the weirdest mood lately. you probably have noticed. it's definitely a good mood, just a little strange (to some people anyway). best of all, i am back in the writing zone. i have been waiting for THIS zone for the longest time. i mean this might just be THE zone. if you know what i mean, pardner (texan accent). now i have to go to the FUCKING rock. "what do you say, what do you do, when it all comes down. i don't want to come back down from this cloud." or as the huge headed kid might say "I LOVE IT." the way i imagine this commercial you told me about...well i'm not going to say it. talk to you soon...


(p.s. by the way, i found something red and blotchy on my neck this morning when i looked in the mirror with my glasses on...gee, i wonder what it could be?)