Day 6

don't call me daughter, not fair to...


hey. hope you liked the cookies. they are just my little way of saying that you are special. you really are...i would have made them from scratch, but i'm not exactly a master chef. chef-boy-r-d is complicated enough for me.

good luck with your paper. knowing you, it will be great. really.

anyway, i am leaving tomorrow night totally up to you. if you just want to rent a couple of movies, and kick back, that's great. or we could go see "once on this island." i'll have to admit, i've never been a fan of the musical. but then again, i have never actually seen one. i am totally open to the idea if you want to go. or, we could go see that play i told you about, "the castle." whatever you want to do, i'm all for it. as long as i'm with you, i know i'll have a good time. so, it's your call...or we could always find some frat party, get completely tanked, and pass out somewhere on wriston quad, waking up in a pile of our own puke. sorry, i'm being a little too graphic. i'm starting to feel nauseous. gross... well, i'm off to bed. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. happy paper writing...