Day 16

hey there funky...


hey, how was your day? i'm sure everything went well...hope that you are not stressing out. if you are, i wish i could do something to alleviate it. give me a call later on or something--i will be up very late...i could at least stop by and give you a hug.

i am listening to this classical guitar piece by rodrigo (spanish)'s a single guitar with a full orchestra behind it. "it speaks to me." i listened to it closely for the first time last night around 5:00am, and all the stress that was building just seemed to disappear...i guess it's kinda akin to the effect you have on me. sorry if that sounded cheesy. anyway, i'll be back around 2am, and it would be nice to hear your voice. i wish you lots of luck with your work and if there is anything i can do to help, i will.