Day 6


I wasn't asleep, weirdo, I was out. And it is very important that you know that I was out because I was having fun even though I felt ever so slightly dissed by you. Ah!! too much revelation for a relationship that has lasted a mere three weeks. I went to Buxton Int'l and it was fun but really crowded and I realized that I really don't like Beck's beer and some people really do leer when they're drunk and trying to pick up other people. Then we all left and went to Ruby's and ate greasy food and that was fun, too, but really crowded and I was sleepy. In any event, I hadn't noticed that you were aloof this week, probably because I don't know you well enough to determine when you're you and when you're other yous. I'm sorry you had a tough week. I'm really sorry you felt empty and alone. I would hope that I would be able to allay that, but again, we hardly know each other and that may not be possible just now. Besides, if you never felt hollow, isolated, etc., you wouldn't be you, you wouldn't be a poet, you wouldn't be the least bit interesting. So I'm interested in you, Sebastian. Is that comforting? I'm curious to find out what you're about, and I'm willing to invest time and effort into that. Isn't that wonderful? It is, trust me. So be glad, don't feel empty today, at least for an hour or two, and let's make a date to cuddle some time real soon. OK?


ps. will you ever reveal to me your gift for song lyrics? I'm captivated. I never knew of such talent. Lead me, sage. And do you have any more? I'm already drunk off of what you've given me so far.

pps you were not in any way an asshole, I think I can honestly say I understand. And I was in no way weirded out. But you are weird. Never doubt that. :) :)