Day 3

hi yourself

I really did like the lyrics to that song - who sings it? or more importantly, who wrote it? I'm in the CIT, about to write up my article. I didn't get anything done last night because I was so tired that when Naomi turned the lights out at eleven, it was all over. So I'm going to have to make up for it tonight, though I'm not really stressed out. Yet. There's this guy to my left wearing the coolest glasses I've ever seen. The person in front of me and to my right can type really, really fast without hardly moving his wrists. Impressive.

Is 'supposably' (spelling dubious) a word? I thought it was only 'supposedly' but I could be really wrong. Whenever I get an e-mail the format is really erratic, you know, like someone went crazy with the return button or something. Is that how my e-mails are too? How crushing, since I've been paying attention to my paragraphing all along. What a waste of time. I still feel really tired. Maybe it's because I have so much to do. Or because I had a three musketeers bar for lunch. Well, in parting I will share with you one of my favorite lyrical quotes, one that is particularly fitting with my mood.

If I were you I'd really, really run from me. I really, really wish that I were you. --Stipe, Monster album

signed, your comrade in turmoil