Day 20

off to a late start

Yeah, I'm at the CIT A ndI thi nkI'll do str ange andfun ky thi ngsw ith my let ters, j ustto show howve ryfunk y Ife el.

That could be a cool code. I got back from Boston a little after ten, and had to wait till midnight to start this thing. The debate was fun, I felt like a real reporter or something. Schmoozed with the other reporters. We all went around the corner to the pub afterwards and had a beer. This guy from the Globe bought for me, since I have a year to go. We all compared notes and I got some tips. After 25-30 minutes Kerry came in with his mini-entourage and bought us all another round. I accepted, since I was taking the bus. Kerry must have been feeling pretty good about the debate (he kind of kicked butt, in my opinion) because he started going off about "that loud-mouthed, red-nosed bastard with the Welfare issue up his ass" pretty loudly to the guy next to him. All of us reporters started scribbling like mad, as you can well imagine. Anyway, I thought it was pretty indiscreet. But then again, everyone was gossiping pretty much, it was the atmosphere, you know. Al and Jose were making catty remarks about the color of Natalie Jacobson's blouse, and though I agreed that it kind of said 'harlot', I thought it best to leave at that point. Good thing, too, because I caught the last bus to Providence. Now I gotta file this bastard (a term the guys taught me) and work on my play and get some sleep. I feel a little loopy from the two rolling rocks I had but it's wearing off. Might make this article pretty damn interesting, at any rate. I got an extension on my paper, so I feel pretty cool, unstressed and ready to rumble. If you want to stop by, I'd love it. I'll probably be in the mac room. But if you're busy, my little pet, don't sweat it. I'll be seeing you real soon.

Stay fresh,