Day 14

when you're chewing on life's gristle...

You're the best. Don't tell me you found the lyrics to that song on the internet. That's too absurd. I laughed aloud in the CIT. As for the other one, it has been one of my favorite songs for many years and I think it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the lyrics. The best present I've got in a long time.

I know you'll be ok for your test. If all else fails, cheat off of Ben. No, seriously, all your studying and my little inspirational quips should get you through. Plus all the coffee and nicotine. Please remember that you are human, and your body can only take so much. After the test, go on a juice diet or something and cleanse your system. Your lungs and stomach will thank you. And if you sleep for 15 hours straight you might begin to catch up on your sleep deficit. God, if anyone needs a break...

But this weekend (or at least Sat.) will be devoted to making us both content and happy for awhile. Sound nice? I can't guarantee you rest, but...hah. Enough with my bawdy bedroom humor. I should at least try for some decorum.

Witty, even in HARD TIMES,