The Cyber-Poet

Brian D. Hardy, English 111 (Spring 1998) Brown University

The following project is a random combination of song lyrics, poems, and letters. The intention is to disorient the reader. A given reader cannot choose where to go to next. He is controlled. In this disorientation there lies, latently, a story with a unique chronology. This chronology will become more apparent as the reader voyages among the letters and poems several times. Much like the film, Pulp Fiction, the story is out of sequence and chaoticly told. Recently, I found that the more I viewed Pulp Fiction, the more an original order became visible under the cloth of chaos. This project is modelled with this technique in mind. I am not going to say who wrote the letters; I am not going to say who are Lizzie and Sebastian; I am not going to tell you if Sebastian and his story are real or simply a fiction that I'm creating. I am not going to tell whether this material is old or new. You will thus find yourself in a world where you truly experience Chaos.

Let's first take a look at how Cyborg is defined in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

Cyberspace Web