For this assignment, I placed an paragraph excerpt from an article I wrote about Diane von Furstenberg's 2006 visit to Brown around two images often associated with von Furstenberg.

Using the photocopy filter on the headshot of von Furstenberg and the plaster filter on the wrap dress at the center of the image, I tried to make both images appear both iconic and generic.

The bright purple/pink color and the warped text 'worshiping' the wrap dress are intended to echo the sycophantic content of the text. Yet I'm not sure whether they appear serious or strike the slightly cynical tone I had hoped for.

Thanks to my limited Photoshop skills, warping the text more or less evenly proved difficult and may have affected legibility. The project took me longer than anticipated and, as I poked around Photoshop, left me a little frustrated that my methods were clearly not the most efficient.

I was disappointed that together this text and image could only achieve a mood or tone rather than a joint effect. This may be partly because of my very limited Photoshop knowledge, partly because my existing writing mostly news articles is not very effective in excerpts, and partly because of the limited additional meaning the images and text bring to each other in this particular case.

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Last modified 11 February 2008