spring break was a week long. i was holding my breath the entire two days beforehand - this happens every time i know he's going away. the big decision. the ultimate test of friendship.

will he take me along?

an hour before he leaves, he holds me carefully, studies my neck and brushes the dust off my breast. i know what he's thinking. will it be worth it. when he strums a big G major chord i smile and say, "yeah, dude. i'm coming." he seems convinced. that wasn't so bad, was it.

oh fuck fuck i forgot about that stifling black body bag don't put it on me NONO (screams my open ringing strings) aaaaaand i'm fully zipped up. traveling blows ass. but he's taking me along. that's all that matters. pete, i would try to convince him, but do you really want to go anywhere? you're a bit too cool to care about what he thinks anyway. i happen to be a fool, take it or leave it. and he's taking me!

Michael Costagliola

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