ohhhhh man. this is good. this is real real good. i see him pacing with the crooked grin that says, "hey Pete. don't mind me. i'm just you know, feeling slightly reborn or something like that."

i remember wearing that grin right after the first time i caught MJ's wave through the window. the first note that Gwen slipped in my lab book. but i'm not here tonight for nostalgia. i'm here because one man needs something like a slap on the back. i catch his eye from the reflection of the little mirror and he winks. i'm with you bud. you won't need me to save you this time. i'm not gonna lie, i...
haven't saved really anyone. i'm more of a cartoon than anything else.

but don't tell Marty! i think he doesn't know yet. and,
i don't need to be a superhero to tell you -
good luck, kid. go get 'em.

Michael Costagliola

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