it is my first night in the room.

not so bad. might be a little safe for my style, but i'm liking these people. and considering i was almost squeezed to death on the car ride up here, it's nice to finally have a new home. no action here so far - i just might have to make some of the action around here. no worries. God knows i'm good at that.

just met Marty McFly, he's staying across from me in the room. my kinda guy right there. did you see that car? damn. i'm not phased by much in the way of cool anymore but those gull-wing doors? i'm sold.

my job? i'm guarding the bed for now. some of those people out the window look a bit suspicious. and Hannah told me about the muggings she reads about in emails (she reads his mail before he can - i'm not so sure about her on second thought). it's quiet so far. but if anything changes, i'll be here. your neighborhood friendly.

..i'm not sure if he knows his mom bought me at the dollar store yet. but i'm as good as any of the others! screw them and their precious frames. only cowards hide behind frames.

Michael Costagliola

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