He's terrible at keeping collections; he eats bread from dumpsters, works as a freelance telemarketer, and sleeps on just enough couches a week to understay his welcome. Boy just doesn't understand the stability of holding onto things. He lets facts get loose by the ton, but I'll give him credit, he can hold on too.He reigns in that which pops to mind by just letting it go. All the energy he saves not worrying about keeping things where they're supposed to be goes straight to keeping them fresh.

There's plenty of ways in which I'd like to be like him. The most salient is probably his five family yard sale memory. Everything's on a blanket and nothing costs much. If you smile well you'll get things for free, much more than you want or can carry. You'll throw them away soon, and he'll sit chewing grass with his pants unbuttoned, perfectly satisfied.

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