Final project (プロジェクツ ヒナル)

David Ellis '08, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Spring 2005)

In this project, I have extended stretchtext using DHTML (Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets) to change font style, image transparency and source, and visibility of various objects on the page. Each of these actions occurs on user interaction (mouseover, click) or after a time delay.

Not everything works on every browser, but the interface adds to the traditional hypertext model. When text is italicized, there are mouseover effects associated with it, and there are click effects on smallcaps. Since "Darkness" is italicized and in smallcaps, it creates different effects as you mouseover and click. When activated, the text is normalized, and it rewraps whenever its style changes. When an effect can be repeated (as "Echo", after it moves across the screen), the text is restylized.

What follows is a brief hypertextual and pictoral memoir. There is also a page with javascript-generated poetry . . .

Last modified 8 May 2005