A Cognitive View of Reading

Reading is cognitively viewed

"There is a gap

as "the process of taking

between the semantic

the linear stream of text,

representations of sentences

comprehending it by

and the thoughts

structuring the concepts

actually communicated

hierarchically, and absorbing

by utterances.

it into long-term memory as a network.

This gap is filled

Writing is seen as the

not by more coding,

reverse process: A loosely

but by inference"

structured network of

(quoted in Ulmer 346). ...

internal ideas and

This is why

external sources is first

it is so hard

organized into an appropriate

to write, to translate

hierarchy (an outline) which is

our amorphous thoughts

then "encoded" into a linear

into a structure

stream of words,

so strictly governed

sentences, etc

by rules,

(Conklin 25).

to move away from

the analogic and towards

the digital realm.