Hypertext Hacks

One problem I see with writing in hypertext is that transitions become unimportant. In a normal essay, I have to come up with transitional words, words like "therefore", "however", "in addition," sentences ("These examples clearly demonstrate that there is a connection between the military and American industry."), and concepts ("The relationship between these 2 historical events is...") to string together my written thoughts. I find it educational to search for these links and explicitly state them. When I write in hypertext, on the other hand, all I have to do is see some potential relationship between two lexias. A point and a click later, the link exists. I don't have to ponder the relationship and explain it; I just have to have a fleeting connection in mind and then leave the reader with the job of deciphering my train of thought. I worry that this type of linking makes the writer lazy, for clarity in written expression should not suffer in any medium.

I reveal six types of connections that can be made in this haphazard manner:

keep on hacking...