Windows and 386s

Jeff Pack, Brown University '99 (English 112, 1996)

The second semester of my freshman year of high school, my parents caved in again and replaced our clunker of a PC with a much faster 20 megahertz 386. The biggest difference between these computers was not speed, though; it was the inclusion of Microsoft Windows 3.0. Windows was my first encounter with a system-wide graphical user interface (as opposed to program interfaces, such as the one in Express Publisher). It also came with a few other nifty programs such as the Windows version of Microsoft Works and a few productivity-slashing games.

This computer went through more upgrading than any computer I'd previously owned: during the four years I used it, I added more RAM, a modem, a sound card, and a CD-ROM player. Of course, this only delayed the machine's obsolescence; when I went off to Brown, I once again took with me a new computer.

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