Jeff Pack, Brown University '99 (English 112, 1996)

If you've skimmed through this web already, I'm sure you're wondering where the theory is. Rather than Barthes or Mitchell or Haraway, you've been reading about old computer games and the way one student interacts with machines - nothing worth your while. There is method to this web's madness, however.

My first goal in creating this web was to approximate the way I think. When you read this web, you're being drawn by specific phrases or ideas from memory to memory, following associations my mind created.

The overall effect of this reverie is not to acqaint you with individual anecdotes from my life, but to ideally convey an attitude. Elsewhere I said that I can't speak for anyone else - that still holds true. Maybe computers can't be made analogous to telephones or cars or any of those other technological marvels that have become ultramundane; I could be wrong. Maybe cyberspace won't ever end up like TV-land. Time, rather than theory, will tell.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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