A Review of Family Killed, or The Totally True Tale of Two Boys in Love
by David Yun

24 October 1997. 5:31 A.M. Providence, RI--What exactly is this? For those of you who may have reached this project via the giant hypertext that is the World Wide Web through an Internet search of homosexuality, sex, or murder, may be asking yourself, Why did I end up here? The reason that I believe that you ended up here is fate. You are destined to read this, and ultimately change your perception of exactly what it means for something to be true. Family Killed or The Totally True Tale of Two Boys in Love is a text laden with themes of sex, violence, and sensationalism. It will tickle your senses, with not only the words that that will inundate your mind, but it will assail your heart, through the use of sounds and images so that it becomes an experience and you will have no choice but to become implicated in the web that is woven. It is intended to educate you subliminally by entertaining you first. But I warn you, enter with the knowledge that you are about to enter the innards of something so horrific, so disturbing that is will forever be a part of you.