I didn't mean for this rebellion to get out of hand. It's just that when Austin was born four year ago, mom and dad and my sisters were all into him. I was just there. It was like that at school too. I was that quiet kid in the back, getting good grades but succeeding only in reinforcing my invisibility complex. No one noticed me. Not my family, not my classmates. All that I wanted was for someone to acknowledge me, to appreciate me. I tried to do well in school, got a 3.5 GPA my freshman year. All that got me was a pat on the head in between hugs and kisses directed towards Austin. So I tried sports, to please my father, hoping that I could somehow win some sort of approval. But all that got me was a slew of questions of why I didn't score 20 points instead of 10, or why I missed the free throw at the end of the game. I have always been failure. Invisible. Short dorky ugly insane unhappy loser. So then I started hanging out with the kids across from the high school, they were a lot like me. They accepted me for who I was, and didn't condemn me for what I wasn't. The drinking, the cutting class, those were all things that I did because it was something that all the kids I hung out with did.

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