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The buildings beneath the dome were a heterogeneous lot. Most of the buildings had been constructed by boppersback when the settlement was still their Disky. In their provincial respect for things human, the early boppers had sought to construct at least one example of every possible earthly architecture. A characteristic street in Einstein would have a curtain-wall glass office building jammed up against a Greek temple, with an Aztec pyramid and a hyperdee flat-flat directly across the street.   
[Wetware, Rudy Rucker, 1988]
There is something fascinating about a city built by robots built by people. It is an instinctively human trait to build housing clumps together to form a city. And here, the robots have copied the humans, not just in their desire to group together, but they have attempted to emulate their building styles as well. 
Taken over by humans, the dome covering the city of Einstein is a necessity providing not only air, but a warm atmosphere to sustain human life. Thus, in their moon environment, the human inhabitants of the moon are essentially locked into their city: they cannot leave or they will die, unless it be to return to earth. 

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