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How Critical Thinking encouraged in Hypertext (2)?


Hypermedia migh be used when discovery learning is warranted. Since discovery implies teaching the process of learning as well as acquisition of contactations and to refine and reflect upon them periodically in the course of exploring a hypermedia knowledge base to solve problem.

The structure of hypertext allows students to create their own personal hypertexts, containing links to information that they found useful. This process of creation helps readers to think more critically on the problems that they are dealing with, and leaves them with a resource that they can apply when tackling problems in the future.

One way that a reader can encourage readers to take advantage of the relational capabilities of a hypertext environment is by allowing the students to create relevant links to each other's writing. This would make the activity meaningful to the readers and would at the same time allow them to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make their own hypertexts.




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