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Knowledge Constructivism from Hypertext Research (3)

Propagation of change

Communicating change is important to any KM initiative. Chen and Davies (1999) describe Jasper, a knowledge management system (of the scientific kind) as "a virtual reality-enabled multi-user virtual environment with spatialised semantic structures." Jasper is build as a content management system where collective recommendations of documents found on the WWW are registered to the system.

Jasper then invokes agents to notify potentially interested users of each submission on the basis of topic preferences created from user profiles. Notifications can take place in various ways: via email, posting to interest groups, a What’s New section on a web site or via keyword search on the site.


Fransicso J.Ricardo, "Hypertext and Knowledge Management", ACM 2001

Chen, C., Davies, J. (1999). Integrating Spatial, Semantic and Social Structures for Knowledge Management. HICSS-99




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