What follows is a general overview of this web, its aim, structure and brief synopsis, as well as information that will help you get the most out of it.

Since you ended up here, it can be safely assumed that you have taken at least a cursory glance at the five concepts integral to the existence of this site. (If you haven't, though, follow this link as quickly as is theoretically possible, take a look, then nip back here to resume your reading.)

Now that you know which five concepts we're discussing, it might be a good idea to delve deeper into the subject. Why those particular concepts? Why not, for instance, Napoleon Bonaparte, or the Gummy Bears, or Charles Babbage's analytical engine, or Genghis Khan, or the courtship ritual of flamingos, or the Spice Girls, for that matter? Why those five? What's the connection?

Patience. All will become clear.

Approach this web as if it were an intriguing book. A perplexing puzzle. A convoluted, yet open-ended network of ideas. A smorgasbord of irrelevant paradigms. A veritable festival of cerebral fireworks, if you will. Tasteless metaphors aside, this web embodies a riddle, its answer is hidden somewhere deep within itself, and it is up to you, the reader, to discover it.

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it for himself" - Galileo Galilei

Browsing this web is quite intuitive. Pick any one of the threads, and start exploring. Let your curiosity and interests guide you to choose further links. When you have explored enough of one thread, you will find a letter which belongs to a five letter file name, *****.html, quite like 'abcde.html', except for the fact that the five letters will not be 'abcde', as you may have already guessed. Explore all five threads, and track down all five letters. This will give you the complete file name. Then, add the file name to the end of the original address of this site. (Simply go to this page, delete the 'index.html' in the location window, and replace it with the address you have discovered. It might be a good idea to go and bookmark that page right now.) You might indeed like what you discover at the end.

Whether you will agree, in the light of all you have read, is matter for an entirely different discussion. Interaction, as well as introspection, is essential to one's education. This web fully supports the aforementioned notion - therefore, feel free to e-mail any comments to the author. Learning without interaction is much like french fries without ketchup. One could fool oneself into thinking that it works, although it possibly couldn't. However, we are already getting ahead of ourselves. There is much exploring to be done.

One last point to note before you leave this page: Many outside links have been incorporated at points where the resources of an external site would include a more complete (or possibly, simply an alternative) discourse about a subject. More connections are always appreciated when one is trying to discover what the connection is (remember the name of this web), yet do make a point of returning to this site once you're done exploring. Else, you may never get to see the answer to the riddle. With that, we leave the reader to brave new worlds.

Go on. The web awaits you. You might as well start by clicking here.