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One of the most fascinating comic book heroes of all time remains largely unknown in the United States of America. This protagonist has encountered extraterrestrial creatures, battled supernatural beings, talked to citizens of such civilizations as Atlantis and Mu, survived the Bermuda Triangle, matched wits with the most cunning computer virus ever written, fought modern-day vampires, written countless books, probably toured the entire planet, and met some of the most attractive females of his time.

This hero is Martin Jacques MystĖre, popularly known as BVZM (which stands for Buon Vecchio Zio Marty, Good Old Uncle Marty) in his native Italy and as Martin MystĖre, Detective of the Impossible, in the rest of the world.

MystĖre leads both a physically demanding and an intellectually stimulating life, applying his education in a wide range of fields to solving mysteries and overcoming problems others would not even dream of approaching. Thankfully, his past has provided him with ample academic background and athletic practice, skills which sometimes prove to be life-saving. Of course, collaboration constitutes a major part of his investigations, and without the help of his friends, MystĖre would not be able to achieve much. Just as his friends give him a truer sense of identity, however, so do some of his lifelong enemies, who occasionally pose such perilous threats that MystĖre has to fall back on the few principles that forever guide his existence in order to be able to deal with these characters.

Martin MystĖre's creators, their cultural background and their motivations in creating this comic may be of extreme interest to those who wish to comprehend why MystĖre forms a part of this web.