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Since the dawn of civilization, the sect of The Men in Black have destroyed all that was different from the norm and consequently could upset society's conventional prejudices, historical background and cultural stereotypes: Proof of the existence of UFOs, evidence suggesting the existence of a highly developed civilization preceding ours, historical and scientific discoveries which contradict theories that are supported by and / or support official authorities and governments in power.

The Men in Black are planted as moles at top levels in various political, industrial, cultural and religious organizations, and they secretly shape the course of history and maintain stability in society. They owe their nickname to the fact that, during their destructive missions, they wear black uniforms, ties and glasses.

The smash hit movie Men in Black, starring Will Smith, was loosely based on these very characters, which were first created by Alfredo Castelli. The movie prefers a somewhat different interpretation of the concept whereby MIBs (as they are referred to in the movie) constitute a government-funded secret agency whose sole purpose is to keep the alien presence on planet Earth under control.


The president of the highly powerful and influential S.O. Communications group is considered by everyone to be a patron and benefactor; only Martin MystĖre knows that behind his faĮade of respectability hides a merciless murderer.

Martin and Sergej had been close friends for years and share a similar academic background as well as many of the same interests. The two spent five years in India, studying many obscure spiritual disciplines with the same instructor. This period defines a turning point in the lives of both characters, in that MystĖre decided to devote his life to the study of the unknown whereas Orloff resolved to utilize his newfound knowledge to realize his evil objectives at whatever cost.

Having been disfigured in a fire, his face is covered with a mask. Orloff also has a prosthetic arm in which an ancient ray gun, similar to Martin's, is implanted. The difference is that Martin's weapon can only stun the target temporarily while Sergej's gun is capable of instant murder.

Sergej displays many conflicting motivations and is usually moved by emotion rather than logic. He appears to be a character in progress, or possibly just an immature personality slowly coming to grips with the extent of the powers he possesses.


In a manner of speaking, Mr. Jinx is a technological devil. He is a scientist who, through the use of modern computer science and an inborn entrepreneurial talent markets some of the most intensely desired prospects of all time. He deals exclusively in products with a universal appeal, such as eternal youth, the possibility of choosing and piloting one's dreams, and the possibility of living happy moments again and again at one's will. As in traditional covenants with the devil, however, his diabolical inventions inevitably turn against those who have been imprudent enough to try them.