This web represents the result of more than three months of work spent in creating the hypertextual expression of a theory more than nineteen years in the making.

The author of this web may well be one of the following:


  • Isaac Sulam, born on May 11, 1952 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a freelance columnist, reporter and industy analyst in the personal computer, telecommunications and information technologies markets. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a double major in economics and psychology, he completed his master's degree at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Sulam has worked with such publications as Computer Gaming World, PC Tech, Byte, InfoWorld, Cyber Business Journal, Open Computing, Wired and CNET. His opinions on the viability of virtual cash protocols and the communication that takes place within MUDs (Multi User Dimensions) have predicted future trends with remarkable accuracy. His seminal study Textuality and Society in Cyberspace has brought online chat services into mainstream attention. With this project, Sulam aims to identify the key characteristics of our information-based society which human civilization has aspired to throughout the past five millennia. He has prepared this web site with the help of esteemed cyberphilosopher George P. Landow and has therefore chosen to make a mirror copy available through Brown University's web servers. Isaac Sulam currently lives in New York City. He considers himself a competent chess player.


  • Isabel Sulam, born on June 21, 1974 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, currently lives at a residential studio provided by AS220, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an open forum for the arts in Rhode Island. She graduated from NYU as a philosophy major in May of 1985. As a prolific sculptor and writer, Isabel Sulam has made notable contributions to Rhode Island's arts scene. Her recent accomplishments include her sculpture exhibition which took place in the Upstairs Gallery of the AS220 building in June 1997, as well as her numerous essays which were published in various issues of The Victorian Mental Discipline Engine, a zine of contemporary nonfiction. Isabel aims to improve her reputation as an essayist with this web project, which she has prepared with the support of literature professor George P. Landow. Isabel hopes to be reincarnated as a tropical fish.


  • Izel Sulam, born on November 15, 1978 in Istanbul, Turkey, is currently studying as an undergraduate student at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. His academic interests include computer science, mathematics, multimedia arts and postmodern literature. His current research aims to draw parallels between recent trends within computer science and within contemporary literature, such as the numerous similarities between artifical life algorithms and hypertextuality as briefly alluded to in his paper On the Use of Autonomous Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems in Artificial Life Applications. He has prepared this web, under the guidance of hypertext scholar George P. Landow, as a means to conduct a cross-disciplinary study of human civilization. Izel deeply enjoys electronica and raves. He occasionally shaves his head.


  • Isolde Sulam, born on October 24, 1960 in Oslo, Norway, currently teaches history at the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England. Her work on the social and philosophical implications of the Industrial Revolution on western culture has received much attention in Europe. She has recently publihed in The Journal of Modern History, and Nineteenth Century Studies. With this web site, which she has prepared in consultation with George P. Landow, professor of the history of arts at Brown University, Sulam aims to chronicle the invariant qualities of human civilization until the present day while utilizing a hypertextual and playful mode of discourse. Sulam is still single. She enjoys traveling extensively and meeting new people, both in person and through e-mail.

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