Something Else

Sweetness has become something else (like fat), but it has already been becoming something else for countless iterations. Perhaps to get a handle on it, I -or it?- have constructed some stable features, some organizing principles, like the paper rendering of a chemical structure or the exact instructions to form perfect granular crystals. Unfortunately, as with a slightly overweight person, perhaps also a diabetic person, the perfect granular crystals are synonomous both with rolls of fat that keep inflating (in an almost irreversible way) and with a decreased metabolism that keeps slowing (but not enough to stop the desire for sugar).

The stable organizing principle takes the form of a decreased desire (for anything: whether for comfort, wealth or power, in Mintz's terms; "- Oh, no thanks, I'm full-" ). Dealing with the influx of such an increasing commodity has miraculously created not only an economy of reduction, but a new substance that is less than what it should be at all times in order to properly be itself. So I am, I admit, being coy about the explanation, but to me it does seem self-evident as the most desirable outcome.

But just what is desirable about it? How can I forget that I have just described an economy of "losing" rather than gaining?

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