"The Upward Production Curve"

I am taking under serious advisement the suggestion to get "fat and happy." According to the recent statistics, most of us are fat. And a large percentage of experts claim that along with a sedentary lifestyle, a high fat intake, and a lack of fiber, our metabolisms have been sublty warped into lethargy and fat creation by the imbibing of refined sugar (or sucrose). It is readily digestible, good for immediate expenditure, which is in fact its sole use; the caloric moment cannot be extended indefinitely. And with the marginal nutritional value exhausted, since it was only a ghost to begin with, new matter begins to appear on our hips and stomachs. Of special terminological interest to me: the type of malnutrition that can only exist in a well-fed population - due primarily to excessive sugar intake- is described by some as "sub-clinical." Also: since sucrose provides no vitamins or minerals and must be used as soon as possible, it is known as a "naked calorie." This is charming; I almost want to fall asleep.

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