REID, let's get to the bottom line. Are you in love with


REID: [startled] Why do you ask?

MAURY: Oh come on,

REID! Here's a nice girl you bring home from the video store, a nice pretty girl with similar interests, you watch some television together... DO SPARKS FLY???

RITA: [warningly] You're not going to get very far with this line of questioning.

MAURY: Do you two have something to hide? Are you covering up for him,


RITA: No. It's not that simple.

MAURY: Something kinky?

RITA: All I'm saying is, if you're trying to present this as a good old-fashioned love story, you're on the wrong track.

MAURY: Well, maybe by the time we return from this commercial break, I'll be back on the right one! Heh heh heh...