MAURY: And why on earth did you agree to go home with him? I mean, come on. You didn't know the guy from Adam. What gives here,

RITA? Did you think he was kind of cute?

RITA: [flustered] It wasn't about that. Well maybe at first it was. [Looks sheepishly at

REID.] Who wouldn't think he was cute? [A man in the audience shouts eagerly, "I wouldn't!"]

MAURY: But you're saying there was MORE. Something beyond the dashing exterior. What was that something else?

RITA: [slowly] It became apparent pretty quickly that

REID was obsessed with television. Video technology in general, even. And, well, it fit perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better case study.



RITA: My project. My analysis of teletheory.

REID is a shining example of the postmodern subject. [ The audience is silent. No one understands ...]