A stage with pastel violet background.

REID and RITA are seated in armchairs as MAURY POVICH swings the microphone through the studio audience. As the applause dies down, MAURY beams at the camera.

MAURY: America, what does television mean to you? What is your emotional and intellectual investment in watching the tube? What are the risks, what are the gains? America, WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM TELEVISION??? I'm here with two of today's most fascinating young people, RITA R. and REID R. (no, they're not married -- not yet anyway! Heh heh) -- who've got quite an unusual relationship with TV.

REID here has been watching nonstop for almost a year now. He says he leaves his house only three or four times a month! Can you believe it? And RITA has recently become a witness to REID's radical lifestyle; she's joined him on the show to tell you all about it ...