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RITA I'm begging you this time. It's the most important party of the season... everyone will be there... I need you to escort me.

REID It's at Shooters, for God's sake. I refuse to go to Shooters.

RITA You refuse to go anywhere! You can't enjoy life. It's just not normal, I tell you. Please

REID? It won't hurt you to live a little.

REID Why do I have to attend ridiculous social engagements to "enjoy life"? I've got everything I need right here.

RITA [Hopefully] You mean... me?

REID [Puzzled] You? No, that wasn't what I meant. All I'm saying is that there are much more interesting worlds to live in right here... [points to the TV screen] than out there, where everybody's boring. All your friends are boring.

RITA [In a frightened voice] TV shows are not reality. You can't live inside them.

REID Just watch me [To be continued]...