Scene:REID's apartment, two days later. RITA is facing ANGELA LANSBURY with a triumphant grin on her face.

RITA. I've got it. I cracked the mystery. Reid's not missing.

ANGELA LANSBURY. But darling, of course he is. No one can find him. The police would have concluded foul play, except that we can't find his body.

RITA. That's the point. It's not his body we're looking for. It's him. And we can find him right there... [Points to the TV screen.]

ANGELA LANSBURY. Oh, pshaw! The boy is missing! We won't be able to find him on electronic equipment.

RITA. That's where the story is. His story. The Reidstory. Call me schizo, but I really think I'm onto something.

ANGELA LANSBURY. How do you know? [Skeptically] We never went about things in such a haphazard way back in my day...

RITA. For better or for worse, your day has passed.

Continued . . .