Scene: the sunny porch of a whitewashed house in Cranberry Cove, Maine.

RITA. This is such exciting news, Angela! I can't believe you want me to help.

ANGELA LANSBURY. Well, I get so many commissions these days, and what with all those pesky murders to solve on the side... I thought I could use some assistance. Besides, the client who's hired me for this film is right around your age, so it might be useful to have someone along who can relate to him.

RITA. What kind of movie does he want you to make?

ANGELA LANSBURY. It's slightly unclear. He said he wanted to make the story of his life -- a sort of biography? -- and that an audio-visual medium was the only one that could do justice to it. Apparently he thinks print technology is too restrictive.

RITA. What's the name of it?

Continued . . .