The roar from the audience is deafening. Rita stops at the three-point line, scrambling to get a pass off, seeing nothing.

DICK VITALE's voice: "She got to take it herself. There's no other option. The entire game is on her shoulders!"

MARV ALBERT's voice: "Four seconds left, and Rhode Island's entire season hangs in the balance. They've played second fiddle to Providence University for as long as anyone can remember. If Rita makes this shot, she'll also be making history. Ladies and gentlemen, you might be lucky enough to witness an unforgettable moment in a great basketball dynasty!"

DICK VITALE's voice: "Three seconds left! And there she goes! She's chucked it up from three-point range! It looks good! Looks good!.......... BUT WILL IT FALL?....."

Suddenly, the channel changes.