We are collectively watching the skateboarders mount and dismount the low wall outside of
the Museo d'Arte Contemporani of Barcelona; the resting boarders, visitors of the museum, and I.
They were baggy shorts
and have floppy hair, shoes with flat rubber soles. I have baggy shorts and am stretched on my
stomach across a far opposing wall, actively
loving the sun. I appreciate young men without shirts, doing various
feats. It is something we as humans in a crowded, busy society should
never become numb to. Their backs especially, are splendid works, the
dropline of muscle beneath the shoulder blade, the pull away from the
vertebrae on the lower frame. On motos, on skateboards, I like when
they are angry and idle so they grip their waist and talk with overly
animated motions. The back will curse, muscles growing tight and
shifting grip on his posture. Young men in motion is the
contemporary art I was hoping to see!