Goofy how I like seeing people get along. When in the metro and there
is silence except for the passing tracks, and I lean forward on my
knees. One at a time I look at the face of each rider, first the
standing Asian man, the young man with thick, black glasses and a
fishing hat nearly over his eyes, the woman in front of me who is
startled that I am doing what I am doing, the man reading a newspaper,
ooooh their faces are dryly serious! I jiggle me knee so my shoulders
rise and there is motion in the car. I could laugh and laugh at these
faces. They are so serious that it is costing their owners work to keep
them that way. Ready, set, griiimace. The subway works ingeniously, we
don't have to talk to strangers or commit any other outrageous social
act. Doesn't anyone notice that we are all getting along?